The Adventures of Old Home Remodels

I will tell you that for many years, being the construction expert in our family, I’ve spent many vacations helping my family with construction projects.

My recent trip home to Atlanta was no exception. I don’t mind helping my family with their projects, in many ways they are more relaxing than the many projects I did for clients.

When I went home to visit my mother, I knew I was helping her with some repairs in her historic home, little did I know that they would turn into a learning experience for me. And little did I know that I’d be so impressed by a business that I would want to share my experience.

We’ve slowly been replacing the walls in my parent’s home. They are quite old, and are ready for an update. Due to the high humidity in Atlanta and the southern states in general, mold is common problem in older homes.

Apparently my parent’s home was no exception. Removing a wall in the kitchen we found a huge mold problem. I’m not an expert in mold removal, so I immediately got on my iPad and Googled “mold remediation Atlanta”.

Let me tell you, there are lots of mold remediation companies in Atlanta, so I checked with some construction industry friends, and they all recommended Atlanta Mold and Cleaning.

Atlanta Mold and Cleaning came into my mom’s historic home and worked their magic to clean up the mold in the wall.

They also helped me track the source of moisture, which happened to be a leaking drain line from the dishwasher.

Atlanta Mold and Cleaning’s staff even did the plumbing repair for me, allowing me to work on other projects. When they were finished I was able to finish installing the new drywall and paint.

Their expert help was much appreciated and their staff was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable about their jobs. As a construction business owner, these are qualities that mean a lot to me.

As we continue with my mom’s home repair project, I’ll be sure to call Atlanta Mold and Cleaning again if mold creeps back into the picture.